Serving the Lord daily

Currently serving with Church Army, USA, The Rev. Bryan Bywater was dramatically seized by God while he was a “dirtbag climber” living in is car in Colorado. The very next day he set out to share the love of God and has not stopped since.

He soon launched into ministry with Young Life serving as an area director, than with a number of churches as their youth and outreach pastor. He was eventually ordained as an Anglican Priest, in Tabora, Tanzania, and learned much over ten lengthy trips throughout the country, preaching and engaging in humanitarian work. He now is affiliated with the ACNA serving in the Diocese of New England, and is an active member of the Matthew 25 initiative and the Telos Collective.

Today, Bryan pastors The Street Church, which meets weekly on the front steps of City Hall in Hartford, CT. What began as simple obedience to establish a mobile underwear shop for the homeless has grown to weekly reach over 150 folks on the margin, worshipping together, eating, praying, aiding, and simply loving.

His passion and work with students for almost three decades is called upon by many as Church Army has become a host site for churches, schools (both Christian and secular) and area colleges.

The work is spreading, as more and more churches call upon us to teach them how to love God and neighbor. This past year, CrU ministry and InterVarsity have come alongside them and are planting other Street Churches as the students graduate.

When Bryan is not with the homeless or elderly, he can be found outside doing stuff with his wonderdog, Austin.

He lives in Connecticut with his wife Lisa, and daughters Olivia and Hannah (whom he thinks are the best).