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Pastor James Price

An ordained minister since 2005, Pastor Price truly understands the meaning of words struggle, hard work, sacrifice and reliance on something greater than one’s self, because he’s lived them.

He faced adversity right from the beginning. He was born in the “projects,” a low-income housing development known as Ohio View Acres, in Pittsburgh, PA, in the 1970’s. And, as a child with a lot of energy, Pastor Price was quickly singled out as being different and labeled with ADHD.

However, this adversity didn’t define him. Through the help of some special mentors at the Boys Clubs of America in Pittsburgh, along with hard work and sacrifice, Pastor Price became a triple threat high school star athlete, playing football, baseball and basketball. Recruited by the University of Pittsburgh to play college basketball, he finished his academic career as an IUP Crimson Hawk where he received Honorable Mention All-American accolades. Following graduation, he was drafted by both the Kansas City Royals and Milwaukee Brewers baseball teams.

Pastor Price holds a Bachelor of Art in Journalism and a Master of Communication in Media Studies.

Married 24 years to his wife Nilda, Pastor Price has three amazing daughters, Jillian 10th Grade at Fleming Island High School, Jaysa 19 at UNF and Jazmyn 23 Yale Medical School.

He’s provided chapel services to the Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, West Virginia University Football, University of Colorado Football, University of Nebraska Football, Southern University Football, Baylor University Men’s Basketball, South Carolina Men’s Basketball, Florida Atlantic Men’s Basketball, Mississippi St. Football.