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Empowering teenagers to live a life of service to God and neighbor, set free to do so by the love of Christ. 


Bigger than just a summer camp, it's a movement, a way of life for anyone who desires.


Soul in the City was the greatest week of my life and I can’t wait for camp next year.
— 2017 Camper

The Secret Sauce to Soul in the City

Devotion to the Apostle's Teaching. 


Devotion to Shared Meals. 


Devotion to Service. 


Devotion to Fellowship.


Devotion to Prayer. 


Today’s teenagers.
Today's disciple-makers.

Soul in the City seeks to equip teenagers with the skills necessary to make disciples of Jesus. We believe that the five elements of camp in the section above are critical in making disciples who obey Jesus. This generation will be the generation that steps up today, not tomorrow.