What is Soul in the City?

It's an overnight camp:

Soul in the City is an overnight camp that spans from Sunday afternoon to Friday evening during the summer. Students sleep on air mattresses in the buildings of the Grace Anglican Church campus (girl and guy campers separated). 

It's a mission trip:

Just like an overseas mission trip, Soul in the City is a mission to the local community. Teams are sent out into the community to love and serve those who are broken and hurting. A typical day of service is about six hours and can range from yard clean up, to playing with children.

How do we take showers, you ask? Straight from the hose! Well, kind of. We have created a PVC pipe shower with curtains and safe platforms for campers to shower each day. But yes, it's still straight from the hose (and quite cold sometimes).  

It's fun: 

We have the best time at camp, every summer! After all, it's still a summer camp and summer camp should be fun. Each day we have many opportunities for fun. We also have scheduled events throughout the week that happen on campus and are geared towards campers having the best week of camp ever! You won't leave Soul in the City without experiencing tons of fun.